A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Genre: [BxB/ug] Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Slice of life?

Our Team: Dragonaqua (me), Doktor Crimson


Ivan is a pretty chill dude most of the time. Ever since his childhood friend Kiko found out he was homosexual, she started shipping him with other guys in their class.

Most of the time, Ivan tolerates it. But when she ships him with a caterpillar? Whoa, that's going a bit too far especially when caterpillars are the bane of his existence! And telling him to kiss so it'll turn into a handsome prince?! C'mon, it's the 21st century, who believes in that crap?


Ivan (sophomore) - A computer science student at University of Storm Hill. Homosexual protagonist. Has entomophobia/insectophobia, especially towards caterpillars.

Kiko (sophmore) - A biology student at University of Storm Hill. Ivan's childhood friend. Fujoshi. Has a big yaoi collection.

Mr. Caterpillar - A male caterpillar found in front of the girls' restroom.


-3 Endings

-An entomophobic/insectophobic protagonist

-A genki childhood friend

-A dateable caterpillar??!

-And much more!

Warning: Mild language profanity

Hint: Extras require all 3 endings to unlock

Check out our Lemmasoft post!

Download links below!

DL's are in this order: Windows, Mac, Linux or All (I suggest you choose the one for your OS unless you have absolutely no clue then you should choose All, the last one)

Need help unzipping the file?

You can use 7zip, WinRAR, or double click the file you downloaded and press Extract (for Windows users).


Prince_Caterpillar-win.zip 100 MB
Prince_Caterpillar-mac.zip 99 MB
Prince_Caterpillar-linux.tar.bz2 102 MB
Prince_Caterpillar-all.zip 118 MB


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I remember playing this a while ago, and I absolutely loved it!

hi! wow, glad to see people still remember this post it's been such a long time XD thank you!!


This VN is fantastic and critically underplayed!! Can't wait for you to make your next one!


Oh my... this is truly comical and sweet story =w= (The Bad and Normal Ending are a bit depressing, tho :') )

The Home and art syle is cute, and the way of storytelling is entertaining ^^

Here I am waiting for your further project at that Extra ;)


Kiss the caterpillar! Hahaha!